First Coffee Post of the Year

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t celebrate the new year with a coffee post. And, then, since chocolate runs a very, very close second to coffee as my favorite treat, I figured I should include both. So I decided I’d stay in my limerick vein another day, and this is what I cameContinue reading “First Coffee Post of the Year”

Coffee Is A Poem – Day 6

CHOCOLATE’S BEST FRIEND I have a stash of chocolate standing by.I like to keep some extra when I can.For when I’m feeling jittery or blue,Chocolate is the most effective plan. But chocolate works much better with a friend.A cup of coffee sets it off just right.Choc’late and coffee are a perfect blend,Indulging both at onceContinue reading “Coffee Is A Poem – Day 6”

Chocolate for Christmas – Day 5

It’s probably safe to say that the ‘first family’ of chocolate in the U. S. A. is Hershey. And ever since they created the first “Hershey chocolate bar” for WWII soldiers on the battlefield, they’ve held a special place in the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere. The bars created for the soldiers didn’t taste nearlyContinue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 5”

Chocolate for Christmas – Day 2

An early Christmas gift from my sister. We share many wonderful chocolate memories. Hint: The Orange Cremes are the rectangular pieces covered in dark chocolate. They are the very, very, very best pieces in the box —- although each one of the others has its own merits as well. I promise you not one pieceContinue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 2”

Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1

I enjoyed doing the coffee quotes so much in October that I decided to take Christmas week to focus on chocolate in a similar way.  So here’s my offering for Day 1: a chocolate cinquain. It’s bliss To think about. Even more bliss to taste. I just can’t seem to get enough: Choc’late!    Continue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1”

20 Things the Well-Prepared Woman Has with Her at All Times

(It’s been a little over 2 years since I first created this list. I thought it might be a good time to post it again. I’m also interested to know if any readers out there have suggestions for additions.)     1. Chocolate   2. Peanut Butter & Crackers   3. Small package of Kleenex  Continue reading “20 Things the Well-Prepared Woman Has with Her at All Times”

Recipe for Creative Writing: A Quiet Corner, a Cup of Coffee, & Chocolate

What?  You don’t think I’m serious about this recipe? Well, I assure you that I am. In fact, I’ve been writing — very successfully, I might add — for many years now using these ingredients on a regular basis. 1. A Quiet Corner: I must have quiet when I’m creating.  If I’m simply relaxing — or doing houseworkContinue reading “Recipe for Creative Writing: A Quiet Corner, a Cup of Coffee, & Chocolate”

Share Your World 2016, Week 7

To take part by sharing your own world, hop over to Cee’s Photography and get the lowdown on how easy it is to share.   Question # 1: What are you a natural at doing? Teaching.  I used to say that I would never be a teacher, but as I grew into adulthood, I justContinue reading “Share Your World 2016, Week 7”

Share Your World – Week 35

When I was a child, I bought a little banner at a community fair that said, “Slow But Sure.”  So, okay, I’m sometimes slow about getting around to stuff — like the “Share Your World” project that Cee hosts every week. I see a lot of my blogging friends responding, but I just never gotContinue reading “Share Your World – Week 35”