NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 10

To take part in this fun challenge, visit I’m doing only cinquain during this year’s National Poetry Writing Month challenge, and since today is National Siblings Day in the U. S., this subject seemed appropriate. Cinquain # 10:  Sisters Sisters I have but one, And always we’ve been close – As little girls andContinue reading “NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day 10”

Remembering Izzy — a short story

Sometimes when I’m feeling sad and this ol’ world starts to creepin’ in on me — heavy-like — I take myself away from other people and huddle down in my old creakin’ rockin’ chair in my bedroom. I sit by the window just rockin’ away and lookin out — not seein’ anything in front of my eyes,Continue reading “Remembering Izzy — a short story”

Give Someone ‘A Quiver Full Of Arrows’ for Christmas

Christmas is a time for families. And what better gift to give than the story of one unusual, but heart-warming family that fills the pages of A Quiver Full of Arrows — by me, of course. Take newspaper publisher Lawson Wainright, who has a gut feeling that two sleeping bags and a can full ofContinue reading “Give Someone ‘A Quiver Full Of Arrows’ for Christmas”

Don’t Read This Book If …

DON’T READ THIS BOOK if you don’t want your heartbeat to pick up speed at the sight of someone walking through a door – or if you don’t want to find yourself holding your breath waiting for a kiss – or if you don’t want to find tears rolling down your cheeks when disappointment isContinue reading “Don’t Read This Book If …”

The Most Important Novel I Ever Wrote — Now Available at Kindle Store

Sometimes people ask me which of the nine novels I’ve written so far is my favorite. And I have to answer that I feel like a parent with nine children, in that I can honestly say all of them are my favorites. They were born out of me. They are literally part of me. EveryContinue reading “The Most Important Novel I Ever Wrote — Now Available at Kindle Store”

The Fragrance of Home

This morning I  poured myself a cup of tea — well, actually, it was a mug rather than a cup — and that’s what made the difference. This mug was very deep, and when I picked it up to take a drink, the aroma of the freshly brewed tea wafted up and into my nostrils,Continue reading “The Fragrance of Home”

Friday Fictioneers, 5/8/15 — ‘Soul Ties’

This week’s Friday Fictioneers photo just pulled the following story right out of me. Had no idea it was in there, but that’s half the fun of writing, isn’t it? Photo is courtesy of Madison Woods.  My story is below the picture.   SOUL TIES “Margo, you’ve been staring at that spigot for twenty minutes.”Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers, 5/8/15 — ‘Soul Ties’”

Writing 201: Poetry – Day 8 — Ode To Grandmother’s Engagement Ring

Today’s Prompt: Drawer. Assignment. Write an ode based on this prompt, using the technique of apostrophe. Okey-Dokey. Ode To Grandmother’s Engagement Ring Delicate band of gold, Crested with a tiny crown of diamond, Snuggled safely ‘neath sweet-scented hankies, In the top drawer of my Grandmom’s chest. Though your jewel is tiny, It sparkles with aContinue reading “Writing 201: Poetry – Day 8 — Ode To Grandmother’s Engagement Ring”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 4

Are you ready to grin, giggle, or just feel good?  That’s what this little challenge is all about. We share posts that are happy, light-hearted, funny, or downright hilarious. Make it prose, poetry, picture, graphic art, a joke, a song, a video ……. Whatever your heart desires. Post on your own blog and hop overContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 4”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 2

I’m later than I hoped getting this up, but last night was so busy, I just had to wait until morning. As a teacher, this video hits home, and the strategy of this grandmother is ingeniously funny. Remember, the rules for participating are simple: Just post something funny, light-hearted, or hilarious on your own blog.Continue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 2”

100-Word Challenge for Grownups — Week #162 – ‘The Secret Gift’

Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grownups has reached its 162nd week as we begin 2015. Her prompt this week for the story is the following phrase: “… as I put the decorations away, I …” Check out her site and get the simple rules for participating in the challenge. My story is below: THE SECRET GIFTContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grownups — Week #162 – ‘The Secret Gift’”

Healing Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, And I am set to have a lovely time. First I’ll make a jaunt to church and, kneeling down, I’ll thank the Lord for all His blessings kind. And then I’ll journey farther to meet kith and kin. We’ll hug and laugh and tell each other news. ThenContinue reading “Healing Holiday”

Velvet Verbosity # 373 — ‘Light the Lamp’

“Light the lamp, Matthew. Set it clearly in the window.” “But, Father, it’s burned every night for months.  Tom’s not coming home.” “Yes, he is.  He promised me.” “You know we heard that his whole battalion was wiped out.” “No.  I feel him in my heart.  He lives.  And this snowstorm is so thick; he’llContinue reading “Velvet Verbosity # 373 — ‘Light the Lamp’”

Charming Gardeners

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”  (Marcel Proust). During the last six months, I lost my father, my closest uncle, and three wonderful friends. During these experiences, I have found myself thinking of several others I’m close to who have alsoContinue reading “Charming Gardeners”