3 thoughts on “Grateful For The Legacy

    1. Yes, my mother and father were both writers, so I guess it really is in my genes. In fact, my mom had just completed years of research into our family’s history from both sides and had started her book on our family when she became ill and died within a few months. But I’ve never been able to make myself pick up the work where she left off. I did help with the research. We went all over the place. I can still remember sitting for hours in a library in Nashville, Tennessee, reading microfilm and looking for little details. I also learned some more about Abraham Lincoln during that research that I hadn’t known before. But some of that work got to be really tedious. Unfortunately, I’ve never been interested enough personally to take the hours and hours and hours necessary to go back through all her material and write the entire book. It was my mother’s mission, not mine.

      1. Wow! She truly was a genealogist. That is what it used to be like to try to find all those details. Today, I sit at the computer and search. Dan’s cousin used to go everywhere tracing his family.
        Today there are programs that can write much of the story for you, if you could add the details she had. Yet, I understand your feelings toward picking up the pieces. Maybe one day when you are old, like me. 🙂

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