Mommy and Me

A girl’s cooking lessons need to start at a very early age. Of course, the fact that I’m obviously trying to look into an oven that has no glass window in the door might make one think that I was not an apt pupil. However, since my mother was a superb cook, I did learn to excel in the kitchen.MOMMY & ME - COOKING -brightened


After a hot day in the kitchen, of course, we had to sit out on the porch and relax in the fresh air. We lived in a very old and very small apartment in Fort Wayne, IN, at the time — while my dad was in college. The war had been over for only three years, and since he had joined the Marines at 17, he’d had no chance to continue his schooling until he was discharged. He was finishing work for his degree and writing for the Fort Wayne Sentinel newspaper.



But little girls do eventually grow up — and mommies too. It’s pretty easy to tell by the flowery dress I’m wearing that this was very late 1960’s.

BRENDA, MOM, SANDY 1968 me and mom only

My mother went to be with the Lord more than 30 years ago, but I still miss her every day. I do not grieve, but I am just aware that my life is a little less bright because of not having her sweetness, her graciousness, and her sense of fun actively in my life now. However, I know I will be with her again when I finish this earthly journey, and that makes all the difference.

To all of you mothers out there who are still sharing this earthly life with your children, I sincerely wish you a happy, blessed, fun-filled, and memorable Mother’s Day, 2015!


Mom Memories

Well, here we are: Mommy and Me (age 2) at my first cooking lesson.

I’m joking, of course, but on Mother’s Day I like to enjoy the blessing of having had a mom who was such a precious and unique woman. My mother taught me much more than cooking. (Although she was certainly one of the world’s best — most probably because everything she cooked was conceived by and chocked full of LOVE.)  But, more importantly, she taught me how to be kind, loving, gracious, generous, and hospitable — to all people.  I hope I learned those lessons well enough to make her as proud of me as I have always been of her.  In my adult years, she was my closest and most trusted friend, and although she has been gone many years, I still miss her very much indeed.