Mommy & Me: First Cooking Lesson

MOMMY & ME - COOKING -brightened

I surely do miss my mom, but I’m hoping at least some of her good qualities live on in me.

I think I remember my dad telling me (as he took the picture) to act like I was looking at something in the oven, but since our oven didn’t have a glass in the door, I just look a little bit stupid. Oh, well anything for a family photo.


3 thoughts on “Mommy & Me: First Cooking Lesson

    1. Actually, I did, but they don’t look quite that good these days. I had another woman who was a friend of my mom’s tell me recently that when my mom was a young adult, her figure was considered the kind of figure other girls “would die for.” I hadn’t ever thought about her figure, of course — she was mom — but I got a kick out of learning that bit of trivial. And when I look back at this picture, I can see what they meant. I’d certainly give a lot to have one like it now.

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