Just a Little Easter Egg Fun

Please excuse the shadows around the edges. I cut these out of my sketchbook. The eggs are numbered because I used them for a contest on my Facebook page. But I left the numbers on there in case you’d like to drop down to the comment window and let me know which one you like best.

Come Spring

Come, Spring;
Come, gentle Spring,
And beckon us to life again.
We’ve wallowed long in dark and death,
Despairing of a better day.
But once again, with breath awash with sunlight,
You’ve pressed your gentle way into the cold and gloom
And bid us rise to meet you with a smile.


New Christmas Card Designs

Each year I create a few new Christmas card designs to sell. This year I’ve decided on two for sure, and I may have two more by next week. We’ll see. But I thought I’d share the two that are definite.

This first one is an original ink sketch cover, and the inside message reads:
“Wishing you a safe, warm, peaceful Christmas.”


The second design is original watercolor on the front cover. And the inside message reads:
“It’s Christmas — 
A time to remember Jesus and all He’s done for us — 
and because of what He’s done — to be happy.