I am so excited!!!

I’ve been thinking about making more of my artwork available for purchase, so have been checking out various venues, both online and on the streets. At this point, I’ve decided to stick primarily with an online shop, because some of the people who have expressed interest in my work would not be in a position to visit any local stores or art shops. After researching several online sites that assist with making art available on multiple products, and also handle the shipping, I decided to open a shop on Redbubble.
Most of you have been so encouraging about my art over the past 3 years that I thought you might like to know the new shop is now open for business. There are scores of items available with my artwork on them — laptop and phone cases, caps, clothing items, clocks, throw pillows, tote bags, coasters, journals, shower curtains, greeting cards and art prints — just to name a few. I am including a few pictures in this post — a small sample of products. I’ll also be continuing to add more artwork over the next few weeks.
You can find the new shop at this link:  Art-by-Ahyoka

Hope you come over and check it out. Also, if you click on the little heart at the top right corner of any designs you like, it makes me look good.  🙂

7 thoughts on “MY NEW ART SHOP

    1. Thank you. I’m excited. I’m not really trying to make a lot of money by doing this — although all money is welcome 🙂 — but I mainly wanted a better way to share the art with other people. I started painting and sketching mainly to destress, and then I realized that it makes me really happy to do it. So, hopefully, the works can make other people happy too. The online sites tend to be pretty expensive, since the main company takes care of getting all the products manufactured and shipped out. They need a really good return for themselves, so I’m keeping my percentage of the price way down in order to make the products available to as many people as possible.

  1. I like my T-shirt so much. I wanted to double-check how to get back to your site and now I see how. Thanks.

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