True North

  In routine life on Planet Earth, there’s one rather ordinary looking piece of equipment that is used by thousands of people every day. It’s called a compass. Hikers, hunters, military personnel, navigators on ships and planes, and even  12-year-old boy scouts and girl scouts out on field trips use a compass as a normalContinue reading “True North”

Non-Essential Lives

Some call it isolation. Some call it sheltering. A “safe-at-home” condition That’s lasted all of spring. Small businesses are locked down Churches have empty pews. But laws allow the sale of drugs And “grass,” and, of course, booze. What Liberals term “essential” Is given liberty. Abortion clinics have free reign: Murder in first degree. TheContinue reading “Non-Essential Lives”

One Man’s Response to Pearl Harbor

The following is a quote of my dad’s own words as he explained his personal response to the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941: “The dramatic part of my life began, as that of so many members of the armed forces did, on one of the most infamous days in U. S. history —Continue reading “One Man’s Response to Pearl Harbor”

Amazing Story of U. S. Marines Protected by God During W.W.II

On Memorial Day, 2013 — just 2 months before going to be with the Lord — my dad posted the entire text of his book “SARGE, WILL YOU TELL US ABOUT GOD?” on his personal website so that people all over the world could read it free. He prefaced the story by sharing about hisContinue reading “Amazing Story of U. S. Marines Protected by God During W.W.II”

Their Agenda Has Never Changed

America, we must never forget who did this?  Why? Because THEIR AGENDA HAS NEVER CHANGED. There’s only one religion in the world that teaches so much hatred and murder as part of its requirements to be considered faithful to its doctrines. Quit sticking your head in the sand and listening to idiots in the political arenaContinue reading “Their Agenda Has Never Changed”

New York is Our Name: Killing Babies is Our Game

Let me get this straight: All of you folks out there who support New York’s newest abortion law — You’re saying you believe that it is perfectly okay for medical personnel to kill a healthy baby just one day prior to its being born by normal delivery on its normal due date. And as youContinue reading “New York is Our Name: Killing Babies is Our Game”


Alas, I’m at odds and at ends. I’ve upset all my liberal “friends.” I’m a stickler for truth; Liberals hate it forsooth. Only lies will accomplish their ends. Liberal friends believe every tale told By the media, brutal and bold In its efforts to slay All but Muslims and gays. And they choose to wearContinue reading “Friends???”

Calling Trash By It’s Real Name

In this video, Robert Florczak, artist and illustrator, shares a succinct and lucid exposition on how we have allowed creativity to be taken over by man’s lowest and most base qualities of character. He’s referring specifically to painting and sculpture, but it’s just as true in the field of literature. I see it most predominantly inContinue reading “Calling Trash By It’s Real Name”

Glaring: Daily Post Prompt

  What a glaring mistake I have made. But I hadn’t seen Ben for two years. And he — oops, I mean she — hadn’t said — Not a word of this change did I hear. We were meeting old high school classmates: A reunion of sorts — just a few. And since Ben HallContinue reading “Glaring: Daily Post Prompt”

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Accusations running wild and free: “Why, Donald Trump old Satan’s ploy must be! He hates, discriminates, and means to smite All those who like strange sex or are not white.” But wait – I’m hearing none of that from Don. He’s spoken only peace since he has won. But, on the other hand, I’m hearingContinue reading “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

Rebel Without a Cause? I Don’t Think So

Photo Courtesy of I generally post articles on this site that, hopefully, will be of interest to visitors and readers from all over the world, since I’ve been blessed with friendship by so many folks from other nations. That being said, I’ll let you know up front that this post is primarily addressed toContinue reading “Rebel Without a Cause? I Don’t Think So”

What Will You Do If . . . ?

One of my favorite poets, Dennis O’Brien, from Australia, just keeps writing limericks that shine a bright light on so much of what is going wrong in our world right now and how vital it is that we look the truth in the eye and start dealing with it. He’s a master of the socialContinue reading “What Will You Do If . . . ?”

Doing Business in a “Free” Nation

The people in my country are fighting again over who has rights and who does not. I keep asking myself why it is that when most people push for what they call “equal rights,” they usually mean that they want to get things all their own way, even though it means stomping all over someoneContinue reading “Doing Business in a “Free” Nation”