New York is Our Name: Killing Babies is Our Game

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Let me get this straight: All of you folks out there who support New York’s newest abortion law — You’re saying you believe that it is perfectly okay for medical personnel to kill a healthy baby just one day prior to its being born by normal delivery on its normal due date. And as you see it, no one should be considered guilty of murder.

Where is your brain??????

Due to a comment by an individual who was troubled by this post, I’ve added the following information by way of showing a bigger picture of the situation:

I realize the terminology in the bill refers to a mother’s life or health being at risk. I also know that the same terminology was used when abortions were first legalized, but we didn’t stick with that criteria. We slipped very easily and quickly into allowing the abortions for any reason at all, and the same human frailty that caused us to do so then is still at work now.

Moreover, for generations, we have had a relatively safe and life-saving way of taking care of late-term pregnancies when they threatened a mother’s health or life. It’s called a Cesarean section surgical procedure. In almost every case, it has been successfully used to save both the mother and the baby. We didn’t deliberately kill the baby. We at least tried to save it. So this bill isn’t about saving a woman’s life; it’s about getting rid of unwanted children.








5 thoughts on “New York is Our Name: Killing Babies is Our Game

  1. The coffee [looking at your cups of it] is a whole lot easier to swallow than the insanity of our elected officials. Where did their brains go that they can murder a child and brag about it. What a hot place in Hell they will be residing in.

  2. Thanks for spreading unpleasant but reality that is happening with helpless little human beings. We must visualize it as if it were ourselves, defenseless, never given the chance to live. Unacceptable!

  3. And now the state of Virginia has pinned a bill allowing abortion up to and including the dilation of birth. Satan is doing his work here.

  4. Late term abortion is only allowed when the fetus viability is 1% or less. Such as a fetus, that once born, will live in agony until it dies, or would be still born. Obviously not a healthy being. Also allowed if the mothers chance of survival is dramatically reduced due to the fetus. Read the law, pay attention to the wording, not what other say.

    1. This law allows for abortion for any reason at all through the 6 month period of pregnancy and allows for abortion right up to time of delivery if it looks as though the mother’s health is supposedly in danger. And it can be performed by personnel who are not even doctors. However, for generations, we’ve had a perfectly safe and life-saving way of dealing with a late-term pregnancy if the mother’s health is threatened — it’s called a Cesarean Section surgical procedure. It’s managed to save the mother and the baby in almost every case. We didn’t have to deliberately kill the baby. We at least tried to save it’s life.

      The terminology concerning this kind of abortion being performed “only” if the mother’s life is threatened is a smoke screen. When we first allowed abortions in the country, that was the slogan. “Only when necessary to save the mother’s life.” But we progressed very quickly to allowing abortions for any reason at all, and we gradually increased the allowable time table for abortions until we have come to our present holocaust.

      Moreover, the large number of OB/GYN physicians who have taken a stand against this bill makes it clear that the normal medical community (unless they are far left extremists) considers this bill to be out of bounds. This bill is not about saving a woman’s life. It’s about getting rid of unwanted children.

      The pride and standing ovation mania that accompanied the decision is appalling, and this whole grand-stand production by New York’s legislature has now encouraged others to follow suit. I listened today to a democratic lawmaker in Virginia who submitted a bill to allow abortions right up to the time of dilation for birth if the birth is deemed something that will affect the mother’s “mental health.” The insanity increases. But, thank God, the Virginia lawmakers had the decency and the common sense to kill that bill.

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