100-Word Challenge for Grownups # 186

Julia has offered us another 100-word challenge this week with the following prompt:

“… looking back, I remember …”

I have to confess that I’ve cheated a tad. I’m about 19 words over, but I just didn’t have any more time to spend cutting it down further.




“Looking back, I remember how easy everything was – especially communication.”
“Tell me, Grandpa.”
“Computers ran everything, including phones and automobiles.”
“And almost everyone could be reached by Internet.”
“I’ve heard about Internet.”
“It’s been twenty-two years since the grids went down.”
“And that shut everything down?”
“Yep. Nothing could be manufactured, vehicles couldn’t run, almost all communication shut down. Our nation had been attacked by E-bombs, and our irresponsible government had no back-ups.”
“Did we fight back?”
“Couldn’t. No way to fire missiles, no planes. And once we were down, other free nations were attacked. The whole free world reduced to walking, writing with wooden pencils, and bartering goods for food and water. Grandson … your generation has a big job ahead of it.”




100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week # 82

This week’s 100-word story prompt from Julia:

” … looking at all of that chocolate …”

My story:


“Hi!  S. Chocolate Bunny here, reporting to you from the National Easter Egg Hunt on the White House Lawn. There are at least 600 kids here trying their luck.

“Whew! It’s hot for this time of year! Sun’s really beating down. Wish I’d worn a hat.

“In past years, the President gave each participant a big chocolate bunny at the close of the event, and just looking at all that chocolate encouraged competitiveness. However, this year Rabbits United challenged that practice, so … uh … whew, it’s hot! … so he’ll be … giving … candy … e … eggs … in … instead.

“Whew! … So-o-o-o-o-o … h-o-t! … m … mel-l-l-t-i-i-i-n-n-n-g-g-g-g ….”

“Hey, Billy, look! A big puddle of chocolate! Let’s have some!”

~ ~ ~

To join the fun, visit Julia here:

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Week 76 — ‘Beneath The Surface’

This week Julia gave us a word prompt for our 100-word challenge:
“… beneath the surface …”

100 WORD CHALLENGE LOGOIf you’d like to participate in this weekly challenge, you can visit Julia and get all the rules at this link:

My imagination led me in the direction of poetry this time, and I found that it’s much harder work to get poetry to come out right with such a short word limit. But it was fun trying, and I managed to make it in 102 plus Julia’s 3. 


While browsing antique shops, I made a great find!
Unearthed a rare treasure. Never saw one in kind.

An elegant bowl, with a handle and lid;
Beneath so much tarnish, it’s true beauty hid.

Though black with the ages, I hugged it to me;
Beneath the surface, silver glory I could see.

Polished and rubbed to a radiant glow,
On party buffet my prize purchase would show.

It gleamed and it glowed, holding punch the next day,
When – horror of horrors – I heard a guest say:

Heaven help us! Is this the best silver you’ve got?
I’ll not drink my punch from an old chamber pot!”

~ ~ ~

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Week #74 — Freezing

Julia’s new challenge this week can be found at this link:100 WORD CHALLENGE LOGO

The prompt is the phrase:    “… the extreme weather meant …”

Here’s my contribution:


Dr. Corbet, from the U.S. Natural Disaster Center, is at the news conference to bring us up to date on what the extreme weather meant this past week. Dr. Corbet, what’s the latest report?”

Unfortunately, the reverse-magnetic dome forming around the earth is growing thicker and cutting off more sunlight every day. We’re getting hourly reports now from our scientists in all sectors. As of one hour ago, thermometers in New York registered 40 below zero, Fahrenheit, and thermometers at the equator registered zero.”

So you’re saying ….”

I’m saying the human race has about 3 weeks to live.”


100-Word Challenge For Grown-Ups, Week 67 — What’s It Worth?

Maybe I’m just in the mood to get into new challenges, but I really think it’s the chocolate that did it.  Anyway, I couldn’t seem to resist trying out Julia’s challenge this week.  Here’s the link to her site:


And the picture for the challenge is below — along with my “story.”


One half-piece left — and crumbs. He’d lick those off first, then take time savoring the piece itself. Since enforcement of the President’s War On Obesity, the total ban on chocolate had driven him mad.

“You have chocolate!” his sister shouted, entering behind him. He moved the plate out of reach. She was already dialing her cell.

“What are you doing?”

“Reporting you to the police, of course!”

The iron skillet was handy.

He managed to strike her before she’d finished dialing.

Okay . . . He was safe.

He settled his breathing before lifting the plate and inhaling the intoxicating fragrance. “Some things,” he whispered, “are just too valuable to lose.”