100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Week 76 — ‘Beneath The Surface’

This week Julia gave us a word prompt for our 100-word challenge:
“… beneath the surface …”

100 WORD CHALLENGE LOGOIf you’d like to participate in this weekly challenge, you can visit Julia and get all the rules at this link:

My imagination led me in the direction of poetry this time, and I found that it’s much harder work to get poetry to come out right with such a short word limit. But it was fun trying, and I managed to make it in 102 plus Julia’s 3. 


While browsing antique shops, I made a great find!
Unearthed a rare treasure. Never saw one in kind.

An elegant bowl, with a handle and lid;
Beneath so much tarnish, it’s true beauty hid.

Though black with the ages, I hugged it to me;
Beneath the surface, silver glory I could see.

Polished and rubbed to a radiant glow,
On party buffet my prize purchase would show.

It gleamed and it glowed, holding punch the next day,
When – horror of horrors – I heard a guest say:

Heaven help us! Is this the best silver you’ve got?
I’ll not drink my punch from an old chamber pot!”

~ ~ ~

24 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups — Week 76 — ‘Beneath The Surface’

    1. Thank you. And for the image, you can go to that link to Julia’s place. You will see the image on her page where she presents the prompt. Just right click on the image itself and save it into your computer. Then you can upload it into your post every time if you want to.

      I think you can copy and paste it as well, but I’m not sure if you get as much control over it in your post as you would if you saved it into your own computer and uploaded it from there onto your own blog.

    1. Well, I do write a lot of poetry anyway, so that made me a little braver, but my original version was twice as many words. I’ve always found cutting prose difficult, but I’ve never really had to cut my poetry until now. Hard, hard, hard!

      1. LOL! one man’s treasure is another’s trash? well done!

        I had to read these after my own post; (I write mine then go back) but the poetry angle is difficult but it is a fun discipline. I find that using commas instead of connecting words helps with the intensity of the verse as well as my focus in what I’m saying…you did a great job!

        1. Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. The subject for this piece came because a couple days before the prompt I had read about sterling silver chamber pots. I was so surprised to learn that there were actually people who used sterling silver to go to the bathroom in that it just stuck with me.

  1. Thought that guest was quite rude, I do agree. No drinking punch from a chamber pot. Alcohol? Now that’s a different story. Or poem. One with it’s own protocol!

    1. I just don’t think I could drink anything at all from one — no matter how may times it has been washed and polished. This idea came to me as a result of having read (just two days before the challenge) that there had actually been chamber pots made of sterling silver. I had never realized that and was stunned to find out about the fact. To purchase a sterling silver vessel for that purpose just goes beyond my powers of understanding. But it was all fresh on my mind when the challenge hit me.
      Thanks for taking the time to read it and comment.

    1. I knew you’d like it. I’m old enough to know about chamber pots, but I was totally surprised to learn that people actually made some out of sterling silver — and then used them for their intended purpose! It stuck with me, and when the prompt came along, it was a perfect match.

  2. I agree with Paul – what an ill-mannered guest. I really enjoyed your poetic story. A great take on the prompt.

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