Another Cinquain Day

Okay, so call me strange. I love cinquain, but I’m always looking for new and slightly unusual subjects for that form of poetry. Today I was caught up in thoughts about the animal/insect kingdom, and decided to just give vent to some of my personal feelings. No offense intended. BUGGED Pesky! Bad mosquito! Buzzing aroundContinue reading “Another Cinquain Day”

Share Your World, 2015 – Week 21

Cee’s instructions this week are to choose four subjects from a list she has posted. Under each of those subjects, list four things. So here goes. FAVORITE SONGS: (This is a particularly difficult category because as a musician, I have some songs that are my favorites to play, but then as a listener, there areContinue reading “Share Your World, 2015 – Week 21”

Writing 201:Poetry – Day 4 – ‘A Whale of a Tale’

Don’t sit there scratching your head. I’ll tell you what it’s supposed to be. Our instructions for Day 4 include the subject of animals, the form of concrete (or shape) poems, and the technique of enjambment. Whew!!!  Okay, how did I do? Well, the best I could come up with on shape was what IContinue reading “Writing 201:Poetry – Day 4 – ‘A Whale of a Tale’”

Friday Fictioneers – June 6, 2013 — ‘Fable Abel’

FABLE ABEL “Hello!” Dickey Hendricks greeted the curious animal in the forest. “Hello.” “Boy, you’re funny looking!  Who are you?” “I’m Fable Abel.” “Who’s that?” “The main character in a fable about just being yourself.” “Tell me.” “Well, my author created me to be a zebra. He gave me these hind legs. But then IContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – June 6, 2013 — ‘Fable Abel’”