Writing 201:Poetry – Day 4 – ‘A Whale of a Tale’

Don’t sit there scratching your head. I’ll tell you what it’s supposed to be.
Our instructions for Day 4 include the subject of animals, the form of concrete (or shape) poems, and the technique of enjambment. Whew!!!  Okay, how did I do? Well, the best I could come up with on shape was what I HOPE looks the tiniest bit like the flippers of a whale — going down into the ocean (of my words). I did try to work with the HTML and type the poem right into my editing window. Not going to happen this time around. I finally ran out of time to spend on it, so I typed my whale flippers into a document, scanned it, and pasted it into this post. Oh well — onward and upward. I took a little liberty with the REAL story as it comes to us in the Word of God, but thank goodness, God has a sense of humor as well.






The poem above was approved and endorsed by the International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pink Whales.


10 thoughts on “Writing 201:Poetry – Day 4 – ‘A Whale of a Tale’

  1. You have the same qualms I do about HTML! I posted using the new format, and felt fear – and we know I don’t need to do that. I steeled my nerves and bumbled through. I must say I like your content and especially the shape of your poem!

  2. I I also like like this! You’ve told the bible story in such a humorous way, and I love the last line! I also like ‘God sees all and knows what’s inside, reminding us also that Jonah is going to be swallowed by a whale.
    It’s even colourful!
    I kid of enjoyed using HTML. Maybe I’m a masochist.

    • Thank you for the encouraging comments. One of these days when I have some extra time, I’m going to spend some of that time on mastering HTML, but for right now, there are just too many other demands on time and energy — even mental energy.

    • Thanks, Gerry. And, yes, I’m putting HTML off until “one day” as well. It isn’t worth spending time and energy on. I guess I don’t consider it one of the “necessary” evils in my life that must be dealt with. It’s just one of the evils period.

    • Thank you, Gilly. It was a lot of fun to write. And enjambment is just the running of a thought from one line of poetry down to the next line — or sometimes over several lines. We all do it, but we don’t bother with it’s “official” name. Sometimes I wonder who really did come up with some of these terms generations ago. Why can’t we just say we’ve written a poem that lets some of the thoughts run from one line to the next before they’re completed?

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