Friday Fictioneers – July 5, 2013 — ‘Merry-Go-Round’

Copyright - David Stewart
Copyright – David Stewart


All my life I wanted a merry-go-round. Little more than a big wheel tipped sideways and mounted high enough off the ground to turn freely when pushed. I often passed playgrounds and looked longingly at other children riding – squealing with delight – each taking a turn at pushing.

But Mom never let me ride. And I swore that, when I grew up, I’d build myself a great big merry-go-round of my very own. But, alas, I’ve lived in apartments.

Well, last month, I bought an apartment building. And my first “improvement” project was constructing my dream ride. No yard to work with, I went right to the top.

 It’s almost finished! Yay Me!


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Friday Fictioneers – 5/3/13 – ‘Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder’

I changed computer systems not long ago, and I realized recently that my system counts ellipses marks and quotation marks as words, so now I have to count my words by hand. Good thing we have a low limit.  (Anybody else out there old enough to remember the old days of journalism when every five letters or spaces counted as a word? And there were no typewriters with built-in “word count.”  A writer’s life was hard back then.) This week, though, I’ve evidently used only 97, so if any of the rest of you need three more, feel free to take them with my blessing.

This week’s prompt comes from a photo by Kent Bonham.  All of the stories I’ve read so far find great beauty and genius in this structure. But I have to be true to myself and write what the building calls forth from me. 




Okay, you can open your eyes ….

“Well … what do you think?”

What do you mean, what do I think?”

My surprise!”

This … this … MONSTROSITY!!??”

It’s a famous landmark!”

You mean you invested ALL our money in THIS?

It will make a grand hotel; you’ll see.”

No … I won’t see! I’m going home!”

But … I thought you knew …”

Knew? …

His heartbeat doubled; sweat beaded on his forehead and trickled between his shoulder blades.

Well ….” He licked his lips to relieve his mouth that felt like cotton. “Well … of course … I had … to … sell —”

He stopped talking and ran.


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Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 9

I live in a small city that is a little over 100 years old, and I’m glad that several of the business owners have gone to the trouble and expense of refurbishing and restoring so many of our buildings.  I love to look down this street on a quiet day and see the windows in the upper level of these buildings.

The picture of the single building with the “Annex” sign was a very busy and popular movie theater in the late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  It has been re-claimed and turned into a coffee shop with a 1940’s movie theme decor inside.

The second picture shows the other end of that block of buildings, also with restored structures and windows.

Be sure and leave a link to your windows pictures.