Coffee Is A Poem – Day 1

How about a week of coffee poems? Are you up for that, Readers???  Well, I need to lighten my mood this week, and coffee does that for me. So get ready for 7 days of “Coffee Is A Poem.”  HAPPY PLACE The mornings now are frosty;A nip is in the air.My favorite month — OctoberContinue reading “Coffee Is A Poem – Day 1”

My Heart Belongs To Autumn (re-post)

Several years ago, as I sat on my front porch just enjoying the beauty of autumn, gazing fondly at a huge tree in my neighbors yard, this poem just started running through my soul. Today, as I thought about the fact that it’s the first day of autumn, 2019, I decided to re-post that poemContinue reading “My Heart Belongs To Autumn (re-post)”

Up River in the Autumn

Please, won’t you come along with me Up river in the fall? We’ll float at leisure, passing woodlands Burnished, thick, and tall. We’ll watch thick clouds give way to sun That breaks horizon’s crest And choose a course that guarantees Delightful Autumn Rest. ~~~     photo courtesy of Larisa Koshkina @    

Three Autumn Cinquain: I’m So Ready

I’m tired Of summer heat. I say this ev’ry year: Fall is the only perfect time Of year. Autumn Is close now. I hear the crickets sing. And leaves are falling one by one. Can’t wait. Seasons Come and go. And I appreciate All of them, but none so much as Autumn. Thanks so muchContinue reading “Three Autumn Cinquain: I’m So Ready”

Smell the Autumn

It’s been a week of enormous strain and pressure, but the result is a great deal of work completed successfully. I’m relieved, a little bit proud, and very much in need of some R&R. Probably won’t get it, but looking at this picture relaxes me. It makes me want to take a long, deep breathContinue reading “Smell the Autumn”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Half & Half

WordPress Photo Challenge Well, I feel compelled to offer another one of Terry Valley’s terrific photos for today’s “Half and Half” challenge. I could never match a shot like this, so I’m glad he lets me share his work. ~~~

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge asks us to post a picture that follows the “rule of thirds” and perhaps includes a bokeh effect. I didn’t try for bokeh because I didn’t want my background blurred. It’s too beautiful as it is, and the contrast is perfect.   ~

My Heart Belongs To Autumn

Leaf by tender leaf, I watch this stately monarch Dressing up for fall. Gold, russet, yellow, And brilliant red — her choices, For she loves them all. Hour by passing hour The change begins subdued – but Then bursts into flame. I revel in the site. My heart belongs to Autumn. It’s joy calls myContinue reading “My Heart Belongs To Autumn”