Smell the Autumn

It’s been a week of enormous strain and pressure, but the result is a great deal of work completed successfully. I’m relieved, a little bit proud, and very much in need of some R&R. Probably won’t get it, but looking at this picture relaxes me. It makes me want to take a long, deep breath and let it out slowly, then kick back, close my eyes, and just inhale the rich scents of autumn.  So I thought I’d just go ahead and share it with you. Some of you might need the refreshing it offers as well.

autumn cabin -- 12019 -- PX








2 thoughts on “Smell the Autumn

  1. Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing. It so much reminds me of Spring Lake, in central MS. Just before Carol and I moved to IL, we shared ownership with other 5 family members of a lake house on Spring Lake. This view is practically a spittin’ image of looking out the kitchen window! Oh the sweet memories of that place… not to mention the peace and solitude… plus good fishing! Ole Bill

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