It’s the Principle of the Thing

I was just meandering through some of my old, old flash fiction this weekend, and happened across this little story. I decided that during this unique time of absenting ourselves from routine cosmetic care, this little gem might lighten the day for a few people. IT’S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING Albert, the town barber,Continue reading “It’s the Principle of the Thing”

Velvet Verbosity # 378 – ‘The Happy Barber’

      This week’s Velvet Verbosity 100-Word Story prompt is the word “Beard.”   THE HAPPY BARBER   Albert, the town barber, arrived at his shop to find a customer waiting. “I thought you’d never get here!” the customer said. Albert’s eyes grew round. “Well, don’t just stand there,” the customer said, now inContinue reading “Velvet Verbosity # 378 – ‘The Happy Barber’”

Story Challenge: A Cow, A Barber, & a Child

  Okay, blogging buddies, I’m in the mood for another story challenge this week. Write me a story (or a poem if you prefer) that includes the following:     A COW   A BARBER ` A CHILD OR CHILDREN (Boys or girls, any age)   Word limit: 500 words or less. Remember that myContinue reading “Story Challenge: A Cow, A Barber, & a Child”