My Thanks to Jerry, WP Happiness Engineer

I want to give a public “Thank You” to a WordPress Happiness Engineer named Jerry. I heard from him the other day concerning the problem I had reported and complained about after suddenly losing the ability to change or control header text color on any of my blogs. Most of you know the details of that problem from my posts about it, so I won’t repeat those.

However, I do want to mention that Jerry apologized for the situation and agreed with me about the situation being undesirable. But he also went to the trouble to work on my site (and the test site connected to it) to add a custom design segment that would begin allowing me to change the header text color free for a period of time. Unfortunately, I had already changed to a different theme before I heard from him.  And I had changed my test site theme before the problem arose because I had been trying to encourage a travel adviser to start using WP and had designed a sample blog for her to consider on my test site.

And, also unfortunately, he had not understood the big picture — which was the fact that I have four separate blogs (not counting the test blog), all of which suffered the same problem. And the even bigger picture, of course, is the fact that hundreds — perhaps thousands — of other bloggers now have to deal with the same problem — although many won’t realize that until they try to change their header color.

However, Jerry did tell me that WordPress is looking into the matter, and I got the impression that they may try to fix things in a way that will help us all.

Regardless, I do want to publicly thank Jerry for going to so much trouble for my “In Love With Words” blog.  I felt a little bad that I had already changed themes, trying to find one that gave me at least a little control. But, of course, I had talked with several WP support people by then who indicated there was no solution, so I felt that move was the only one I could make at the time.  But, even though I’m not using that theme any longer, I do truly appreciate Jerry’s personal efforts on my behalf.

So thank you, Mr. Jerry, for your kindness and for going the extra mile for me.


Urrggghhhh!!! I Need a Little Feedback.


ANGRY WOMANHi, everyone. I’m needing a little feedback concerning the details of the appearance of my posts right now.  I need to know two things:

First of all, I’m trying a new background picture, so I need to know if the text is clearly readable over that background, or if I should remove it and opt for something solid again.

Secondly, I seem to have such a terrible, terrible time getting a site that has a good sized, very readable font. I don’t intend to pay out more money for that problem, since I’m spread pretty thin these days as it is.  And I have experimented a little with using the different possibilities in my toolbar ( Pre-formatted, headings, etc.)  But I can’t find anything that will actually let me type an entire post into the editor and have it all look the same from beginning to end and be easily readable.

For the most part, I have written my articles in a document and then copied and pasted them into the WP editor. That has usually worked, but sometimes it does not. I’ve had a particularly difficult time with this newest theme.

So tell me, on most of my articles (which are copied and pasted – like this one), is the font easily readable, and does it all look the same throughout the article?


Also, tell me if you have discovered any tricks to getting more control of the font — other than using the HTML (I refuse to go there). —- Or have you discovered a free theme that offers a large, very easily read font as a part of its original package? The biggest problem, as far as I’m concerned, is that all of the default fonts are so tiny. You have to enlarge the screen a couple times to make it comfortable to read.  I think that’s ridiculous.

I have experimented with doing a couple blogs on Blogspot because on any theme there, the blogger has control of the style of font and the size at all times. However, the community of bloggers over there is not nearly as friendly as my WP family, so I don’t want to have to move. But this font problem is getting REALLY frustrating to me. (I will add, however, that I’m not quite as bad off as the picture would imply. I just liked that picture.)

Thanks a bunch for your help.