Urrggghhhh!!! I Need a Little Feedback.


ANGRY WOMANHi, everyone. I’m needing a little feedback concerning the details of the appearance of my posts right now.  I need to know two things:

First of all, I’m trying a new background picture, so I need to know if the text is clearly readable over that background, or if I should remove it and opt for something solid again.

Secondly, I seem to have such a terrible, terrible time getting a site that has a good sized, very readable font. I don’t intend to pay out more money for that problem, since I’m spread pretty thin these days as it is.  And I have experimented a little with using the different possibilities in my toolbar ( Pre-formatted, headings, etc.)  But I can’t find anything that will actually let me type an entire post into the editor and have it all look the same from beginning to end and be easily readable.

For the most part, I have written my articles in a document and then copied and pasted them into the WP editor. That has usually worked, but sometimes it does not. I’ve had a particularly difficult time with this newest theme.

So tell me, on most of my articles (which are copied and pasted – like this one), is the font easily readable, and does it all look the same throughout the article?


Also, tell me if you have discovered any tricks to getting more control of the font — other than using the HTML (I refuse to go there). —- Or have you discovered a free theme that offers a large, very easily read font as a part of its original package? The biggest problem, as far as I’m concerned, is that all of the default fonts are so tiny. You have to enlarge the screen a couple times to make it comfortable to read.  I think that’s ridiculous.

I have experimented with doing a couple blogs on Blogspot because on any theme there, the blogger has control of the style of font and the size at all times. However, the community of bloggers over there is not nearly as friendly as my WP family, so I don’t want to have to move. But this font problem is getting REALLY frustrating to me. (I will add, however, that I’m not quite as bad off as the picture would imply. I just liked that picture.)

Thanks a bunch for your help.











7 thoughts on “Urrggghhhh!!! I Need a Little Feedback.

  1. As for getting fonts and style I use Windows Live Writer and link it to your blog site. It is a good editor and sends to blog usually very good. It can have as many blogs linked to it as you wish.. I have five at the moment… Good luck..

    1. Yes, that helps a lot, Dawn.

      At one time in the past, some of the people on those WP forums made discouraging remarks about people who copy and paste their articles into the editor. One of them looked at one of my sites and said it looked awful — that all the text was messed up and in several different fonts in the same article.

      That worried me because it does not look that way to me. However, when I copy from my blog and paste that onto a document page on my computer, it does show that there are always two or three different fonts in the text. Or, once it’s pasted onto the document, it looks like some font from outer space.

      So I have been concerned that other people are not seeing what I see. And, I’m also upset that I can’t seem to use larger font and make it look as clear as it does now.

      So thanks for letting me know that it looks normal to you. That helps a great deal.

  2. I can’t see anything wrong with your lovely blog, the font is perfectly readable. I can’t tell what the background image is though, it’s very faint, is that what you wanted to achieve?

    1. Yes, actually an old printing press, but I didn’t want it to hinder the text, so I kept it really faint. Maybe it’s a little too faint, but at least if it doesn’t interfere, that’s good. Thanks for the feedback. As you may have read in one of the other comments I made, I’ve had some people from the forums indicate that my text was a total mess, and I have been more than concerned. I would also like it a little larger, but I don’t think WP allows for that without paying for upgrades.

    1. Actually, I didn’t choose that font, but I’m very satisfied with the style. I just want to be able to make it larger and not have it mess up half-way through the post, and that’s what has happened when I type the original in 13 or 14 pt. font and then copy and paste it into the editor. But as long as things are easy reading for my readers — and they are not a mess, as someone indicated in the forums discussion a while back — I’m okay with it. Thanks so much for the feedback. It really does help.

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