Chocolate for Christmas – Day 5

It’s probably safe to say that the ‘first family’ of chocolate in the U. S. A. is Hershey. And ever since they created the first “Hershey chocolate bar” for WWII soldiers on the battlefield, they’ve held a special place in the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere. The bars created for the soldiers didn’t taste nearlyContinue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 5”

Chocolate for Christmas – Day 2

An early Christmas gift from my sister. We share many wonderful chocolate memories. Hint: The Orange Cremes are the rectangular pieces covered in dark chocolate. They are the very, very, very best pieces in the box —- although each one of the others has its own merits as well. I promise you not one pieceContinue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 2”

Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1

I enjoyed doing the coffee quotes so much in October that I decided to take Christmas week to focus on chocolate in a similar way.  So here’s my offering for Day 1: a chocolate cinquain. It’s bliss To think about. Even more bliss to taste. I just can’t seem to get enough: Choc’late!    Continue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1”

Share Your World 2016 – Week 38

Question # 1: Are you a hugger or non-hugger? In general, I’m a hugger – although not with perfect strangers. There have been a very few times when I found myself with a stranger, who may have needed some help, and, due to the nature of our interaction, it seems appropriate to give them aContinue reading “Share Your World 2016 – Week 38”

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

I borrowed a page from the Christmas catalog for this week’s DP Weekly Photo Challenge. Sears, 1969 – 5 pounds of chocolates for $5.69!!!!!! It’s more than RARE.  It’s non-existent.     ~~~

Fruit of the Season (also my 1,000th post on this blog)

` Jelly beans are such a happy fruit. What? You say they are mere candy, not real food? Why, I beg to differ, sir. Their nutrition strain is pure: Refined sugar granulated, Artificial color sated, And at this time of the year, so fresh and good. You can pick them fresh right off the shelf;Continue reading “Fruit of the Season (also my 1,000th post on this blog)”

Share Your World, 2014 – Week 41

Taking part in Cee’s “Share Your World” challenge again this week. Question # 1:  Would  you rather take pictures or be in pictures? I most definitely would rather take them. I am not photogenic at all, and I can count on one hand all the pictures of me that I feel good about.  And toContinue reading “Share Your World, 2014 – Week 41”

Travel Is Educational ???

At last I have a chance to sit down and tell the story of our adventure. To begin with, it was a trip that we have made many times before (in fact, my sister makes it at least three times a year, and I go whenever I can). So the route and the time frameContinue reading “Travel Is Educational ???”

Pages Good Enough to Eat

It is no secret to any of my regular blogging friends that I LOVE Christmas. And one of my favorite sites on the entire Internet is the Vintage Christmas Catalog page: I’m feeling a little sad right now because that page is going through some kind of technical problems (hopefully temporary) and cannot beContinue reading “Pages Good Enough to Eat”