7 thoughts on “A Christmas Catalog Wordless Wednesday

  1. I’d like to order a 1 Candyhouse kit and 3 View Masters please. (1962 – were they really around that long ago?)
    These images bring back memories – wonderful. Life was so much simpler and easier then, but I suppose it is when you’re seven years old.

      1. I don’t think they reached Britain until the mid-late 60s, but I could be mistaken. Where I live was a rural backwater then. Maybe they just didn’t reach the South-West of England. I never had one, but I bought one for my daughter in about 1982, and they were around for a while after that, so they had a good run – until technology overtook them.
        What happened to magic? I was thrilled and impressed by simple things like magic painting books (where you paint water onto the page and you get some sort of an insipid picture with about 3or 4 blurred colours) – now children shrug their shoulders and even take computers for granted.
        Bring back the simple toys that don’t talk!

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