Chocolate for Christmas – Day 2

An early Christmas gift from my sister. We share many wonderful chocolate memories. Hint: The Orange Cremes are the rectangular pieces covered in dark chocolate. They are the very, very, very best pieces in the box —- although each one of the others has its own merits as well. I promise you not one pieceContinue reading “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 2”

Give Someone ‘A Quiver Full Of Arrows’ for Christmas

Christmas is a time for families. And what better gift to give than the story of one unusual, but heart-warming family that fills the pages of A Quiver Full of Arrows — by me, of course. Take newspaper publisher Lawson Wainright, who has a gut feeling that two sleeping bags and a can full ofContinue reading “Give Someone ‘A Quiver Full Of Arrows’ for Christmas”

Well, If You’re Shopping Online Anyway . . .

Doing Your Christmas Shopping Online This Year? Well, I have a great idea for all those friends and family who love to read. Give them one of my digital books – or better yet – give them one of all of my digital books. They don’t even have to own a Kindle device. Amazon offersContinue reading “Well, If You’re Shopping Online Anyway . . .”

That Old Christmas ‘Wish Book’

A couple days ago, I found myself feeling nostalgic in a “Christmasy” sort of way: I was wishing I could pick up some of the old Christmas catalogs that I used to lose myself in back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. When I say “lose myself,” that’s exactly what I mean. My sister andContinue reading “That Old Christmas ‘Wish Book’”