Adventure, Here I Come!

I want to step out in adventure, But each time the first step draws near, Before I can start to move forward, I’ve run, face-to-face, into fear. I long to get out of my humdrum And into new elements wade, But just when I find my direction, I realize I am afraid. What am IContinue reading “Adventure, Here I Come!”

If We Care Enough . . .

I know people — and I’ve read much about others — who are stuck in a terribly hurtful, life-destroying situation, but seem to do nothing about getting out of it or changing it. So many of those people fail to act because they see themselves as victims — people who have no options. They feelContinue reading “If We Care Enough . . .”

Love Qualms? – Daily Post Prompt

  Got any qualms about falling in love? Well, take it from me – an old lady. There’s just nothing like it when it’s the real thing. It’s super, and I don’t mean maybe. If you and your mate share a genuine love — The kind that puts each other first — It makes allContinue reading “Love Qualms? – Daily Post Prompt”

Wordle Writing Challenge 220 – ‘The Letters’

This post is my second foray into the Wordle Writing Challenge, where we are encouraged to write a short story or poem that includes all of the words in a specific box. Each Sunday we receive a new box — the work of Brenda Warren over at “The Sunday Whirl.” So if you’re interested inContinue reading “Wordle Writing Challenge 220 – ‘The Letters’”

Friday Fictioneers – 5/23/14 – ‘The Fork in the Road’

  The prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story is the photo below: Copyright: Erin Leary.  Hop over to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’ site and learn how to get involved and share your own story. My story’s below the picture.   THE FORK IN THE ROAD Kelsey drove along the fence, ignoring it, his thoughts battling.Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 5/23/14 – ‘The Fork in the Road’”

Thank You, Veterans!

  To serve during a time of peace exhibits Faithfulness. To serve during a time of war exhibits Courage. To serve because the cause is just, and it is the right thing to do exhibits Honor.   I want to take advantage of this Memorial Day to express my limitless appreciation to every man andContinue reading “Thank You, Veterans!”

Believe You Can!

You will see in this exceptional photo that the horse is literally flying over this double hurdle with a measurable amount of space to spare. A particularly difficult feat, and a beautiful sight to behold. I was inspired to see in this photo the meeting of a challenge in a quote from a woman named Dorothea Brande. SheContinue reading “Believe You Can!”