A Parallel Love Story?

There is a theory espoused by some that there is actually a parallel/alternate experience of life that is running concurrently with the one we are aware of, and that if we could become aware of it as well, it would give us the experiences to which our alternate choices had opened the door. Of course,Continue reading “A Parallel Love Story?”

Plumbing the Depths of ‘Inchoate’

The Daily Post Prompt today is the word inchoate. It’s a word I never use. In fact, I consider it a rather worthless word. But when I saw it, I was consumed with a sudden desire to see just how many useful words I could make from it. So here goes. If you readers findContinue reading “Plumbing the Depths of ‘Inchoate’”

Young Man, Be Wary of Winsome Maiden

She had a winsome smile and quite a winsome way. Her voice so musical refreshed the air. Her winsome little dimple and her twinkling eyes of blue Caught all the young and callow fellows unaware. She’d capture their attention neatly, one by one. And beckon each to step within her door And sample tastes ofContinue reading “Young Man, Be Wary of Winsome Maiden”

Christmas is Calling

Calling?   Did you say create a post about “Calling”???  Well, that is absolutely perfect timing, because it just so happens that my Christmas website: Merry Christmas World!, is located at a domain address with the words “christmas is calling” as the main part of the address. So —— my post today is to provide aContinue reading “Christmas is Calling”

Leonard Takes Life by the Antlers

  “Nicholas, is something troubling you this evening?” asked Lydia Claus, pausing in her embroidery work. “Hmmmm?” Nick made the sound without shifting his gaze from the flames in the fireplace. “I asked what’s wrong, Dear. You haven’t been your jolly self for almost two days.” Nick sighed, finally looking across at his wife inContinue reading “Leonard Takes Life by the Antlers”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 7

I wrote this one a few years ago, but it’s just so darn cute that I can’t resist another go ’round for it. Besides that, it fits today’s ‘Daily Post Prompt: Mercy.‘   WHAT’S FOR DINNER? I spot him there, behind the barn, A full-plumed, regal bird. He looks up, straight into my eyes. IContinue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 7”

What If? — Daily Post Prompt: Mushroom

My photographer friend, Terry Valley (Visions Seen Photography) loves photographing the little details in nature, and he has some great shots of mushrooms. I’ve shared a couple of them here. And I’ve also shared some graphic art Terry did, using the mushroom theme. Naturally, writer that I am, I had to create a story toContinue reading “What If? — Daily Post Prompt: Mushroom”

Daily Post Prompt: Jangle

The jangling of the bells gradually seeped into Garret’s unconsciousness and began to nudge him into a little clarity.  He listened for several moments before trying to open his eyes. When he finally lifted the heavy lids, the light seemed blinding and pain shot through is head at the entrance of that light. He immediatelyContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Jangle”

Sail Away With This Mystery Romance

Well, naturally, I can’t pass up an opportunity like this. Today’s Daily Post Prompt is the word “sail.”  And it just so happens that the main character in my mystery novella Innocent Until Proven Guilty — Homicide Detective Simon Stone — loves to sail. And even though he suspects Deanna Forbes of murder, he can’tContinue reading “Sail Away With This Mystery Romance”

Daily Post Prompt: Polish

` I am Polish and Bulgarian, Scotch, and Cherokee. It took a lot of different folks To make me into me. But I don’t waste time digging Back into my family To find my roots and focus On separate ethnicity. I’m just so very grateful I was born where I could be A citizen ofContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Polish”

The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt

The scent of you — When first I wake to greet the day — The warm, intoxicating pleasure of your fragrance touch: It triggers tiny conflagrations deep inside of me That spark a thousand more responses and then rush To touch my mind. And then my senses come alive — Each one:  to taste, toContinue reading “The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt”