Christmas is Calling


Calling?   Did you say create a post about “Calling”???  Well, that is absolutely perfect timing, because it just so happens that my Christmas website: Merry Christmas World!, is located at a domain address with the words “christmas is calling” as the main part of the address.

So —— my post today is to provide a link to that Christmas website and hope that all my readers enjoy their visit to MERRY CHRISTMAS WORLD!


Daily Post Prompt: Calling

2 thoughts on “Christmas is Calling

    1. Thank you. Yes, it’s my front porch. I always put up some lights, but this year it was much easier after the remodel because I now have a good electrical outlet outside on my porch. Previously, I had to use a screw-in outlet that worked in my porch light, and it was an awkward thing to work with. This is so much better. I got an outlet in the back as well, so this year I was able to put lights on the back of my house as well.

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