My Dad’s Book ‘Following In The Father’s Steps’ now available on Amazon

My dad, Ted Pavloff, spent his whole life ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a multitude of places, using numerous methods and media. He’s with the Lord now, having left us at the age of 88, but before he went to receive his rewards, he had served the Kingdom of God for more thanContinue reading “My Dad’s Book ‘Following In The Father’s Steps’ now available on Amazon”

Cinquain: Just Do It

Written in response to a couple friends of mine who have said for almost a year that they’ve thought about trying to write cinquain, but they won’t even make a start. They find it fascinating, but seem to be afraid of it. They have this false idea that because they need to count syllables, theyContinue reading “Cinquain: Just Do It”

Would You Like A Word of Comfort and Hope Everyday?

This world is full of hurt, hardship, and hopelessness. But the Lord has hope, comfort, healing, and blessing to offer us. If you’d like to visit a place that offers a timely, but short and easy-to-read word that focuses you on that hope and blessing, visit Pure Glory’s site here on WordPress. You won’t beContinue reading “Would You Like A Word of Comfort and Hope Everyday?”

Now My Heart Must Sing

I’ve been going through some troubling situations lately and found myself feeling pretty low as a result. But in a time of prayer this morning, the Lord graciously reminded me of a poem He had given me almost two years ago. That poem was the record of another time in my life – many, manyContinue reading “Now My Heart Must Sing”

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and I want to take this opportunity to say I hope all of you, my dear readers, have as happy a day as I will be having. I believe our words have power, so I would also like to decree that this day, February 1, 2014, is the first day ofContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”

Genuine Blogger Award Addition

I am adding one more blog to my list of Genuine Blogger Awards.  I realize that makes 8 instead of 7, but I don’t think that should matter.  This blog was on my original list before I typed the article, and somehow I left it out when I was getting everything typed in.  (There’s aContinue reading “Genuine Blogger Award Addition”