9 thoughts on “Lookin’ Up

  1. Everyone needs such reminders FREQUENTLY. And the most cheering reminder of all comes from Jesus, himself: “Lo, I am with you always.”

    1. Yes, the Lord and I have been in a high-level conference for some time now about some of the situations in my life.

      And about the trees — They are pictures from last fall, but since they cheered me up so much, I thought I’d share them. Anytime I’m down, thinking Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas always cheers me up. I’ve also been spending several hours on the site of nostalgic Christmas catalogs already and posting on my Merry Christmas blog — just for good measure.

  2. Wishing you joy and lots of bright sunshine my friend. Just like you I have so many “Low” days and now it’s time to think positive, feel good about ourselves, to find what what makes is happy.

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