Up River in the Autumn

Please, won’t you come along with me Up river in the fall? We’ll float at leisure, passing woodlands Burnished, thick, and tall. We’ll watch thick clouds give way to sun That breaks horizon’s crest And choose a course that guarantees Delightful Autumn Rest. ~~~     photo courtesy of Larisa Koshkina @ pixabay.com    

Prompt Nights # 30, Autumn

Instructions this week include choosing one of five pictures provided by the prompt hostess and writing a poem or prose piece based on that photo.  However, my poem was actually prompted by one particular tree near my home, so I’ve used a picture of it here instead of one from the original challenge post. ToContinue reading “Prompt Nights # 30, Autumn”

Floral Friday Foto 146 – Neighborhood Blooms

Well, now that I’m into the Floral Friday Foto project, I will try to keep up. This little cutie is sitting on my front porch right now, welcoming the coming of my very, very, very, very most favorite season of the whole year: Fall ~ And these wild beauties climb up my neighbor’s fence. TheyContinue reading “Floral Friday Foto 146 – Neighborhood Blooms”

Ah, Thanksgiving, How I Love You!

I absolutely refuse to celebrate Halloween, but I love Thanksgiving dearly.  Almost every Thanksgiving in my life has wonderful, love-filled memories, and I always start celebrating the holiday early.  So I’m beginning extra-early this year with this brand new poem.  I realize that this holiday tends to be primarily an American holiday, but many peopleContinue reading “Ah, Thanksgiving, How I Love You!”