Ah, Thanksgiving, How I Love You!

I absolutely refuse to celebrate Halloween, but I love Thanksgiving dearly.  Almost every Thanksgiving in my life has wonderful, love-filled memories, and I always start celebrating the holiday early.  So I’m beginning extra-early this year with this brand new poem.  I realize that this holiday tends to be primarily an American holiday, but many people around the world do take time during the harvest season to celebrate and be grateful for the year’s bounty, so I hope it gives all of you a lift and a bit of extra joy for this time of year.


a poem by Sandra Conner

Ah, Thanksgiving, how I love you!
Golden, crowning jewel of Fall.
Beacon of warmth and camaraderie,
Sending glad invitation to all:

“Gather to worship; gather to visit;
Gather to focus on all that’s worthwhile;
Feast from tables resplendent with harvest;
Feast on the love in a touch and a smile.”

All the year’s labors weigh heavy upon us;
All the world’s problems seem bigger by far.
But out from that wearisome struggle you call us,
And laying it down, we run to where you are.

And whether in cottages, mansions, or churches,
Community buildings or tables in parks,
We gather with gratitude full — overflowing;
To the Giver of blessings lift voices and hearts.

Then we return to life’s pattern awaiting.
Filled up with joy, we set off on our way,
Warmer and richer and kinder in spirit
For pausing to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. 

I hope each of you can celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with someone you love.

Photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy: http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/


7 thoughts on “Ah, Thanksgiving, How I Love You!

  1. We dont have this celebration, but have always loved the way you guys do and so love it,, Sandra enjoyed your poem,, and loved your honour of this event..;)

    1. Thanks, Gilly. I get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas and generally get started celebrating before anyone else — except my sister. She’s the same way. I think a lot of it is because our mom was always excited about those holidays as well and worked hard to make them enjoyable for us and for so many other people. But she didn’t work at it in a way that wore her out or was self-defeating the way I see so many people doing today. She genuinely enjoyed everything that she did. It’s just one of the rich things we’ve inherited from her.

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