Planning For the Holidays

JUST A REMINDER … The holidays are more fun when you have your plans worked out and your gift list under control. That’s what the HAPPY HOLIDAYS PLANNING JOURNAL is made for — PLUS it also gives you pages to record your own thoughts, feelings, meditations, memories, and prayers — along with some scriptures interspersedContinue reading “Planning For the Holidays”

Thanksgiving Poems — Week 1

Thanksgiving in the U. S.  is exactly three weeks from today, so I think it’s only appropriate that I revisit some of my Thanksgiving poems from over the years — and maybe even write a new one. This week I’ll begin the series with two: one quite serious and one just for fun. Hope youContinue reading “Thanksgiving Poems — Week 1”

BRAND NEW!!! Holiday Planning Journal

YAY! My HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAY PLANNING JOURNAL IS READY FOR YOU! Holiday planning and organizing has never been SO EASY. This planner includes sections for Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and the coming New Year. Complete with Scriptures and Journaling Pages for recording Personal Thoughts and Prayers, this planner also includes plenty of room to plan outContinue reading “BRAND NEW!!! Holiday Planning Journal”

Thoughts On Thanksgiving – Day 8

A LESSON IN THANKSGIVING   Pilgrims reached the blessed shore, But bitter winters were in store. Death and anguish played their part. Still, ’twas with a thankful heart That they gathered to expound Upon the God whose gifts abound. We, who in their footsteps trod, Though they lie beneath the sod, Now do take theContinue reading “Thoughts On Thanksgiving – Day 8”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 7

I wrote this one a few years ago, but it’s just so darn cute that I can’t resist another go ’round for it. Besides that, it fits today’s ‘Daily Post Prompt: Mercy.‘   WHAT’S FOR DINNER? I spot him there, behind the barn, A full-plumed, regal bird. He looks up, straight into my eyes. IContinue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 7”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 6

How Many Pumpkin Pies Is Enough??? “ A Pumpkin Pie Memoir When I was  child, I did not like pumpkin pie at all. We had a rule in our home that at the dinner table, my sister and I had to eat at least 3 bites of each food on the table.  Like most kids,Continue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 6”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 5

HEALING HOLIDAY Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner, And I am set to have a lovely time. First I’ll make a jaunt to church and, kneeling down, I’ll thank the Lord for all His blessings kind. And then I’ll journey farther to meet kith and kin. We’ll hug and laugh and tell each otherContinue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving – Day 5”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving — Day 3

Decided to post my Acrostic Thanksgiving poem for day 3. THANKSGIVING Thursdays come and go; in every month there’s four or five. Hardly anyone’s attention they demand. Ahhh, but there’s one month when Thursday is a special day. November’s got the situation well in hand. Kinsmen, young and old, along with neighbors, best of friends,Continue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving — Day 3”

Thoughts on Thanksgiving — New Series

Lee, over at Birdwatching Adventures Plus, asked me what I was going to do to entertain my blogging colleagues after the 31-day “Daily Grind Coffee Quotes.”  Well, here it is — only this new series will last only 8 days. It’s a series of pictures and thoughts in commemoration of one of our best-loved (andContinue reading “Thoughts on Thanksgiving — New Series”

A Thanksgiving Collection

The past 3 or 4 years, I have written one or two Thanksgiving poems in November. This year, I thought I’d just post the whole collection together. ` Ah, Thanksgiving, How I Love You! Ah, Thanksgiving, how I love you! Golden crowning jewel of Fall, Beacon of warmth and camaraderie, Sending glad invitation to all:Continue reading “A Thanksgiving Collection”