7 thoughts on “Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

    1. Hi. Happy New Year. I was visiting your site today — looking at your doors (great collection by the way), and I was going to comment. But then I think something else came up, and I left to do something and never wrote anything. I was going to say that I had to be honest and admit that it was the title that forced me to come over there. When I saw the “sexy doors” part, I thought — I have to see what Janet is up to now.

    1. I live in a town of about 13,000 people. Every year, our city holds a community-wide Thanksgiving celebration. It’s all put on by volunteers, and people from our town and many surrounding towns come. We have coffee and donuts starting at 8:00, then a big dinner from 11:00-2:00. There are televised football games, movies, and board games all day. Then there is a supper at 5:00. Lunch meals are available for carry-out, and volunteers deliver meals to all home-bound people who called in with their names and address. Volunteers also deliver meals to all police and firemen who have to work that day — and to as many convenience-store employees as they can get to. If there are left-overs, they are generally donated to local nursing homes. This picture is of one of those celebrations at lunch time.

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