Prompt Nights # 30, Autumn

Instructions this week include choosing one of five pictures provided by the prompt hostess and writing a poem or prose piece based on that photo.  However, my poem was actually prompted by one particular tree near my home, so I’ve used a picture of it here instead of one from the original challenge post.
To take part in this challenge visit “A Dash of Sunny.”



Leaf by tender leaf,
I watch this stately monarch
Dressing up for fall.

Gold, russet, yellow,
And brilliant red — her choices,
For she loves them all.

Hour by passing hour
The change begins subdued but
Then bursts into flame.

I revel in the site.
My heart belongs to Autumn.
It’s joy calls my name.

The troubles that have pressed
Throughout the year now ending,
Though they’re present still,

Are vanquished by the power
Of Autumn’s golden glory
To subdue all ill.

My heart belongs to Autumn.
Indeed, it always will.



17 thoughts on “Prompt Nights # 30, Autumn

  1. Whistles!! ❤️❤️ Oh this is absolutely gorgeous writing, Sandra 😀 I love the idea of Autumn being a ‘stately monarch’ I adore the vibrant images in your poem, especially ‘Gold, russet, yellow, and brilliant red — her choices, for she loves them all’ and ‘Autumn’s golden glory to subdue all ill.’ sigh beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

  2. Your picture of autumn, in words and photo, is so true to the season. As others have said, your feelings for the season come shining through. I feel the same way, autumn is my favourite.

    1. Thanks, Dennis. I noticed you have three or four new pieces up this week. They looked super interesting when they came up in the Reader. But I’ve just had to hop in a couple times “on the fly” to do my stuff and haven’t had time to visit and read other places. Hopefully, tomorrow things will settle down, and I’ll hop over and get the latest political satire to make my weekend.

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