Mommy and Me

A girl’s cooking lessons need to start at a very early age. Of course, the fact that I’m obviously trying to look into an oven that has no glass window in the door might make one think that I was not an apt pupil. However, since my mother was a superb cook, I did learnContinue reading “Mommy and Me”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 8 — ‘Me and My TV’

Join the fun. Make us laugh — or chuckle — or at least snicker. Give us your idea of what turns over the ‘tickle-box.’ ┬áIt can be a picture, a story, a poem, a joke, a song, anything you’re in the mood for — as long as it’s fit for general audiences. Just post onContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 8 — ‘Me and My TV’”

Lucy’s Wish

My great-niece, Lucy, is 3 years old. She has two older brothers, but she has been wishing, this whole past year, for a little sister. When I was with the family recently, her mother told me how serious she is and how fervent is her wishing. After I returned home, I was still thinking aboutContinue reading “Lucy’s Wish”