Super Sweet Blogger Award — With No Rules

SUPER SWEET AWARDOne of my very first — and best — blogging friends — Gerry Ainger, from “Restawyle” and “Writing Hell” — has awarded me the “Super Sweet Blogger Award.”  Now, Gerry and I have an understanding concerning awards. We both agree that awards to bloggers should honor them and not put them in a place of having to obey a long list of rules in order to receive the award. If a blogger is being honored, they have already done the work required to receive that honor. I have written an entire blog post concerning this problem with blog awards, which will explain my reasoning more fully.             

Since I know that Gerry agrees fully, I feel free to accept this award and pass it on as I see fit — which means NO RULES.  So, all of you dear bloggers listed in my 2 recent posts of ‘favorite’ bloggers (see links below)  please be advised that you are recipients of this “Super Sweet Blogger Award” along with me.  I do mean that sincerely. If I did not consider you worthy of such an award, I would not have specified that you are one of my favorite blogs. I also absolve you of any responsibilities for carrying out rules in order to receive. You have already EARNED the award, so your work is done. Feel free to come over here and copy the award logo and then post it onto your site if you choose to receive the award. (Many of you have it already.) Then pass it on to anyone you feel is deserving — without following any particular regulations.

My thanks to Gerry, whose nominations are always sincere and sincerely appreciated.

Links to the posts listing some of my favorite blogs:



More of My Favorite Things

SMILEY -- NO CIRCLE - GREENOkay, here’s my next list of favorite blogs to visit. Last week I gave you 12, and this week I’m offering 12 more. Each of these places has something unique to offer. Some are built around a primary theme or purpose, and some are more like a pot luck dinner, with a little of this, a little of that, and several varieties of everything else. Hope you find some new friends on these sites –as I have.

Rochelle, Wisoff-Fields – Addicted to Purple:

Julia’s Place:

Colline’s Blog:

The Remissionary:

This Man’s Journey:

Jake Sprinters’ Sunday Post:


For His Glory:

Pure Glory:

A Walk in the Word:

Jon Lilly:

The View From Granny’s Porch:


A Few of My Favorite Things: More to Come

It’s been about a year since I posted a list of some of my favorite blogs. So I think it’s past time I did that again. However, I’ve discovered so many new ones and made so many new friends in that time that the list is HUMONGOUS!!!  What to do?  What to do?

So here’s the plan:  This week, I will list 12 of those blogs — in no particular order.  And, yes, some of them will be blogs I mentioned last year as well — because I have so many new followers who may not know them. Next week I will list more of my favorites.  I won’t tell you individual things about each one. I’ll give you the links, and you can have the fun of checking them out.

I figure this is better than an award, because this way there are no rules and absolutely no obligations for the recipient. So here goes.


Lucid Gypsy:

Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus:


Hearing His Voice:

The Lint In My Pocket:

The Dorset Rambler:

The Bard on the Hill:

Sunday Post:

The Poetry of Dennis N. O’Brien:

Northwest Photography:

Cee’s Photography:

This, That, and The Other Thing:



Just a Few of My Favorite Things

I enjoy visiting and interacting with so many of the new friends I have made on WordPress over the past two years. I’d like to share with my readers the links to a few of those blogs that have become special to me. I’m visiting new sites and acquiring new friends every day, so I hope to add more to my list soon.  I’ve tried to list these in pretty much the order that I discovered them.  Hope you find them a blessing too: