Super Sweet Blogger Award — With No Rules

SUPER SWEET AWARDOne of my very first — and best — blogging friends — Gerry Ainger, from “Restawyle” and “Writing Hell” — has awarded me the “Super Sweet Blogger Award.”  Now, Gerry and I have an understanding concerning awards. We both agree that awards to bloggers should honor them and not put them in a place of having to obey a long list of rules in order to receive the award. If a blogger is being honored, they have already done the work required to receive that honor. I have written an entire blog post concerning this problem with blog awards, which will explain my reasoning more fully.             

Since I know that Gerry agrees fully, I feel free to accept this award and pass it on as I see fit — which means NO RULES.  So, all of you dear bloggers listed in my 2 recent posts of ‘favorite’ bloggers (see links below)  please be advised that you are recipients of this “Super Sweet Blogger Award” along with me.  I do mean that sincerely. If I did not consider you worthy of such an award, I would not have specified that you are one of my favorite blogs. I also absolve you of any responsibilities for carrying out rules in order to receive. You have already EARNED the award, so your work is done. Feel free to come over here and copy the award logo and then post it onto your site if you choose to receive the award. (Many of you have it already.) Then pass it on to anyone you feel is deserving — without following any particular regulations.

My thanks to Gerry, whose nominations are always sincere and sincerely appreciated.

Links to the posts listing some of my favorite blogs:



3 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogger Award — With No Rules

  1. Ahh thanks Sandra! It’s wonderful to be acknowledged by someone whose work I admire as much as yours. I haven’t been posting awards for quite a long time simply because i find it impossible to keep up, but I really do appreciate it 🙂

    1. I understand completely. That’s why unless we can drop the rules, I don’t accept or pass on awards these days. If we can eliminate the rules, they are a great way to say how much we admire someone’s work. My motto is that if they cannot be accepted without any other obligations, then they are not really “awards” at all.
      Bless you.

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