Pay Attention to the Public View of Your WP Site

For the past few years, WordPress has put a little box at the very bottom of our posts with the notice “Sometimes, visitors may see an advertisement here.”  That implies — and it used to be the case — that they would place ads at the bottom of our posts. And, of course, they’ve alwaysContinue reading “Pay Attention to the Public View of Your WP Site”

Trash Talk — I Need to Monitor Comments

Just want to let my regular readers know that I’m going to have to start monitoring and approving comments for the foreseeable future. I haven’t done that since the very first year of this website. I’ve allowed people to comment freely, and I’ve had almost no spam or unacceptable trash in those comments. However, theContinue reading “Trash Talk — I Need to Monitor Comments”

New Poetry Site

Just in case some of you really enjoy poetry, I’m inviting everyone to visit my new site here on WordPress. After losing my best friend recently, I have been dealing with a lot emotionally, and it has affected my creativity to some extent — only temporarily, I’m sure. But creating this new site — whichContinue reading “New Poetry Site”

Introducing ‘Ole Bill’

  You all know — well, at least all my readers who have been around a while know — how much I love to introduce new bloggers and channel visits their way. Today I’m really happy to tell you about a blog called “Pen In Hand.”  It’s hosted by a delightful man and good friendContinue reading “Introducing ‘Ole Bill’”

Seven Reasons I Love Blogging

  1) Meeting people and making friends from around the world. 2) Taking part in all kinds of writing challenges that force me to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself as a writer. 3) Opportunities to share my thoughts and beliefs with people I’d never have a chance to communicate with throughContinue reading “Seven Reasons I Love Blogging”

The WordPress Family Expands

Well, this past week, I finished up one of my “Blogging Made Easy” classes, and it’s time to introduce my WordPress family to some of the newest members of the clan. I’m not sure they would all tell you that they found learning to blog “easy,” but the difficulties we encountered were not of theirContinue reading “The WordPress Family Expands”

Share Your World Week 41

To join in the fun of Cee’s Share Your World Challenge, just follow the link to her site and get all the details. Question # 1:  What genre of music do you like? Easy Listening/Swing/Soft Rock.     Question # 2:  What is the worst thing you ate this last week? I love food. NothingContinue reading “Share Your World Week 41”

I Just Can’t Make Up My Mind …..

Okay, I know what you’re saying to yourself: “Good grief, she’s changed themes again!”  And you’re right, of course.  You see, the problem is that I just can’t seem to decide which one I like best right now.  And added to that situation is the fact that my blogging students are coming to the lessonContinue reading “I Just Can’t Make Up My Mind …..”

Life Gets Tedious Don’t It? – Or – Whatever Became of Sandra’s Problems With the Customizer?

Well, I thought I’d give you a little update concerning my going round and round with WordPress over the lack of control I now have with the look of my blog. After communicating with several different technicians — most of whom told me something that conflicted with what others told me — I have comeContinue reading “Life Gets Tedious Don’t It? – Or – Whatever Became of Sandra’s Problems With the Customizer?”

I Have a Favor to Ask

Well, dear blogging buddies, I am writing this post to ask a favor of any of you who might have the time to visit a new blog. As most of you know, I teach creative writing classes for a local college, and this year we have decided to launch an experimental addition to our curriculum.Continue reading “I Have a Favor to Ask”

Let Me Introduce You To . . .

My world grew much, much larger, and exponentially richer the day I started blogging. A few years later, I have so many wonderful friends and acquaintances online that I find it hard to try to list all of them. However, periodically, I like to introduce some of those people — and their own blogs —Continue reading “Let Me Introduce You To . . .”