Introducing ‘Ole Bill’


cartoon-writer-yell-spikey-hair-2You all know — well, at least all my readers who have been around a while know — how much I love to introduce new bloggers and channel visits their way. Today I’m really happy to tell you about a blog called “Pen In Hand.”  It’s hosted by a delightful man and good friend named Bill Murphy (hence the “Ole Bill” handle in his Internet address).  And let me hasten to add that I’m not the one who started referring to him as “Ole Bill.” That’s his own choice for handles, and it just about sums up his fun personality.

Bill and his wife hail from Mississippi, USA, but they now live closer to me in Illinois. He has written most of his life — and is quite good at it — but only recently decided to jump into Cyberspace with his talent. He writes about all kinds of things — both fiction and non-fiction — and he often draws on his real-life personal experiences for material.

If you enjoy sitting back, propping up your feet, and just enjoying life, you’ll like visiting Bill’s site. Just follow the link in the blog title above and pay him a visit. Be sure and tell him I sent you.




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