BLACK SMILEYOkay, I know what you’re saying to yourself: “Good grief, she’s changed themes again!”  And you’re right, of course.  You see, the problem is that I just can’t seem to decide which one I like best right now.  And added to that situation is the fact that my blogging students are coming to the lesson where they get to choose their own themes, and I’ve been sort of shopping through the possibilities for them as well.

When I begin the blogging classes, I put every student on the same theme — one of the fairly basic themes offered by WordPress that will let them learn to handle the technology without too much hassle. That way, the whole class is seeing the same thing on their screens at the same time, and it’s easier to teach them how to maneuver. But tomorrow they get to change to a theme of their own choosing.  They’re looking forward to it.

And as for me — well, I think I’ve finally made a decision. I’ve tried about three different ones this past month, and kept each for a few days each. I can’t really tell how much I’ll like or dislike a theme with just a preview. It takes several days of actually using it to know for sure. There are several things I like about this Lingonberry theme right now, so maybe — just maybe — it will get to have a home here for several months. But, as I’ve mentioned previously, I get bored easily, so sooner or later, even this theme too shall pass.

If you have a favorite theme and would like to share why you chose it and what you like about it, share your thoughts and experiences with us in the “Comments” window below. My students would appreciate your input as well, and I’ll be sure to pass along what you share.