The WordPress Family Expands

CARTOON WRITER,GOLDWell, this past week, I finished up one of my “Blogging Made Easy” classes, and it’s time to introduce my WordPress family to some of the newest members of the clan. I’m not sure they would all tell you that they found learning to blog “easy,” but the difficulties we encountered were not of their making — or of mine — but, in fact were the fault of the WordPress system and so many of its so-called improvements.  Those changes, which are not working correctly in many of the themes, and which offer much less in site control than was previously offered in many themes, did cause a set back or two. However, all of my students were valiant troopers and plowed through all those hindrances with determination.

As a result, I have four new blogs to introduce to you today. Some other students are still working on getting their sites more “finished,” and I’ll introduce them at a later date.  Each one of these blogs is hosted by an individual who wants to get to know other bloggers and interact with the rest of the WordPress community as soon as possible. So here are the links to four new sites, and I hope that many of you who follow this site will visit them and extend a personal welcome.

Random Ritings — hosted by Wes Henson

Herron’s Hope — hosted by Anne Herron

catattack — hosted by Douglas Wells

Word Up — hosted by Debra Hawkins





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