An ‘Innocent’ Crime & Romance Story

My newest release is a Crime & Romance Novella — Book 1 of the Simon Stone Detective Series. The series is  composed of ‘On Target, Quick-Read’ Novellas that should appeal to busy readers. Book 1 is a story that I originally wrote right here on this blog: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY Here’s a peek atContinue reading “An ‘Innocent’ Crime & Romance Story”

Daily Post Prompt: Abstract Art According to Hillbillies

` Two Hillbillies in an Art Museum: “What is it?” “It’s an abstract.” “A what?” “An abstract. You know – that’s where somebody who thinks he’s an artist takes a canvas and slops a bunch of paint onto it in weird patterns. Then somebody else who thinks he’s an art expert comes along and saysContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Abstract Art According to Hillbillies”

Daily Post Prompt: Witness

Today’s one-word prompt fits right in with the theme of the new novelette I’m currently working on. It is book number 2 in The Simon Stone Detective Trilogy. Some of you will remember Simon because I actually wrote the first book in the series (Innocent Until Proven Guilty) right here on this blog. That bookContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Witness”

Where should this story go from here???

Kindergarten was a lot of fun. I made several friends there. I can’t say that I learned a whole lot because my parents had taught me to read books far beyond my age level and to add, subtract, and count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s long before I walked into the classroom at Harvard elementaryContinue reading “Where should this story go from here???”

Daily Post Prompt: Countless

Visit the Daily Post to find out how to participate in today’s prompt. ` THE DECISION `I’ve thought about you countless times this past year. I sometimes wish I hadn’t been so hasty to make the decision. There are days when I wake up thinking how good it would be to still have you besideContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Countless”

Daily Post Prompts: Shadow – ‘The Beast’

The sun was low in the sky and to my back. I lay on the ground, looking up at the clouds and turning them into all sorts of things. One looked very much like a turtle. One like a smiley face, since it had two holes where the blue peaked through, giving it eyes, andContinue reading “Daily Post Prompts: Shadow – ‘The Beast’”

The Secret of the Ribbon Tree

I’ve wondered round this earth for years, And known my share of joys and tears. I’ve laughed with love and cried for loss, And broken dreams like rubbish tossed. I’ve seen sights soaked in splendid sun And bathed by moon when day was done. But ’til today I’d not seen such A sight that stirredContinue reading “The Secret of the Ribbon Tree”

‘Beyond The Spider’s Web’ — in response to a photo by Tish Farrell

 Tish Farrell has offered this photo as a prompt for a story, so I took up her challenge.  My story is below the picture. Visit Tish’s site to find out how she came to take the picture. BEYOND THE SPIDER’S WEB Nessa was starting to feel a little chilly. When she’d left the group of picnickers,Continue reading “‘Beyond The Spider’s Web’ — in response to a photo by Tish Farrell”

A Dream Come True – or – How ‘Everything’s Jake’ Was Born

“Where do your stories come from?” people ask. And my normal answer begins with, “Actually there are about as many different sources as there are stories.” And sometimes the answers can get pretty involved. But, with this little story – Everything’s Jake – it’s a ridiculously simple answer: I dreamed this story. Yep, that’s right.Continue reading “A Dream Come True – or – How ‘Everything’s Jake’ Was Born”

Wordle Writing Challenge 220 – ‘The Letters’

This post is my second foray into the Wordle Writing Challenge, where we are encouraged to write a short story or poem that includes all of the words in a specific box. Each Sunday we receive a new box — the work of Brenda Warren over at “The Sunday Whirl.” So if you’re interested inContinue reading “Wordle Writing Challenge 220 – ‘The Letters’”

History Through the Eyes of Ogden Owl

Lee Dusing, over at Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus, has posted the picture on her site of this owl with his eyes bulging as he takes in some scene before him. Lee has asked us to write a caption or a story based on the picture — taken by Peter K. Burian.  So, naturally, I hadContinue reading “History Through the Eyes of Ogden Owl”

Wordle 219 Writing Challenge: ‘The Case of the Copy-Cat Crimes’

I just discovered a writing challenge called “Wordle,” which you will find at “The Sunday Whirl.”  It involves writing a poem or short piece of fiction that uses the words in a prescribed group for each week. Writers can use any form of the words that fit their stories/poems. Below, you’ll see the green boxContinue reading “Wordle 219 Writing Challenge: ‘The Case of the Copy-Cat Crimes’”

“All In A Night’s Work” — ‘Anybody Got a Story’ Writing Challenge

Here’s my story to meet the challenge from the picture below. I  had first thought we’d keep these stories pretty short but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a picture like this almost demands a good bit of detail. So I extended the rules to allow each writer toContinue reading ““All In A Night’s Work” — ‘Anybody Got a Story’ Writing Challenge”

Once Upon A Time In Any Language

Just got to thinking today that so many of our stories have characteristics and qualities that are both generic and universal. I decided to experiment a little with writing a story using nonsense terms instead of normal nouns and verbs.  I’m certain you will be able to understand the story with very little trouble. ItContinue reading “Once Upon A Time In Any Language”

How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel

Well, it all started one night when I was bored with every story/novel/poem I’d been working on over the past several months. I wasn’t suffering from that somewhat vague malady known as “writer’s block.” No – I was just bored. I couldn’t seem to make myself work on any one piece that was currently underContinue reading “How the Quiver Got Its Arrows: The Writing of a Novel”