Daily Post Prompt: Abstract Art According to Hillbillies


Two Hillbillies in an Art Museum:

“What is it?”

“It’s an abstract.”

“A what?”

“An abstract. You know – that’s where somebody who thinks he’s an artist takes a canvas and slops a bunch of paint onto it in weird patterns. Then somebody else who thinks he’s an art expert comes along and says it represents that artist’s feelin’s when he was rejected by his lover or it represents man’s inhumanity to man, or somethin’ like that.

“Where’d you learn that?”

“We got Internet up on our mountain now. I been readin’ about all kinds a stuff. I come to this one place on there with all these god-awful weird pictures, so I stopped to find out what they was all about.”

“And it told all about these here abstracts?”

“Right. And purty dern boring stuff if you ask me.”

“Hmmmm. Ain’t there any abstracts that say somethin’ positive?”

“Oh, yeah, there’s a few that are supposed to represent man’s great intelligence or his overpowerin’ love for the world or that kind of thing. But, according to this here report I read, the real value of an abstract is supposed to be that each separate person who sees it will give it his own — a — interpretation I think they called it — based on his own personality and life experiences.”

“Hmmmmmmm. So what do you think this one represents?”

“I have to go to the outhouse, and I’d better get there quick.”



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5 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Abstract Art According to Hillbillies

    1. The oddest thing is that I don’t even know where that story came from. I had the last line, and just started writing something that would go with it. Creativity is a difficult thing to understand.

      Also, I was getting ready to forward an e-mail to you that I thought might be a little help with what you’ve been going through. If I remember correctly, you said you just hadn’t been able to get yourself to write for a long time.

      I got to thinking about that and also about the fact that for the past year I have made it a point to write only for the fun of doing it. That’s one of the reasons I take part in 2 or 3 challenges — because I feel I can just jump in and throw anything I’m thinking or feeling into the pot. It keeps creative juices flowing because there’s absolutely no pressure to perform, and there’s total freedom to be whatever I want to be at that keyboard.

      After I had been doing that for a while, I received an e-mail from another creative writing teacher — one she sends out to everyone who follows her site — and she talked about writer’s block. The major part of her advice was telling people who are having a hard time writing anything to start writing just for the sheer fun of it — and only for that reason.

      I realized that’s what I’d already been doing for a year or more, and it allowed me to come up with some things that I’m really happy with — and a little surprised at. So I’ll forward the e-mail to you, and maybe it will be an encouragement.

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