Friday Fictioneers – 2/6/15 — ‘The Call of the Chitwood’

Friday Fictioneers is a fun way to interact with other writers around the world and also to hone and discipline your writing skill by forcing yourself to tell a whole story in just 100 words.  Hop over and check out the details for participating in the challenge.  My story is below the picture.

MAZE -- MELANIE GREENWOODPhoto prompt is from Melanie Greenwood.



Nora woke. Was it? … Yes … the call of the Chitwood bird: silver-sweet; compelling.

Rising swiftly, she ran to the maze leading to the gazebo, which harbored the locked door to the ‘other side.’ She knew the legend: Only a young virgin could hear the Chitwood’s call; if she obeyed instantly, she’d find the rainbow light bursting through the keyhole. Then, for only three minutes, she could gain entrance.

Her breath caught at the brilliant light. She hurried through the familiar maze, her eyes on the door. Stopping once, she looked back. But light engulfed her, sang to her, pulled her into itself. She lifted the door latch and stepped through.