100-Word Challenge for Grownups — Week #162 – ‘The Secret Gift’

Julia’s 100-Word Challenge for Grownups has reached its 162nd week as we begin 2015. Her prompt this week for the story is the following phrase: “… as I put the decorations away, I …” Check out her site and get the simple rules for participating in the challenge. My story is below: THE SECRET GIFTContinue reading “100-Word Challenge for Grownups — Week #162 – ‘The Secret Gift’”


My newest Christmas mug — a gift from my sister yesterday. I’m drinking this evening’s coffee out of it even as I write. A well-brewed cup of coffee always tastes great, but it’s even better when you drink it from a Christmas mug.  I’m challenging all my blogging friends to shake up their lives aContinue reading “CAN’T WAIT!”