My newest Christmas mug — a gift from my sister yesterday. I’m drinking this evening’s coffee out of it even as I write. A well-brewed cup of coffee always tastes great, but it’s even better when you drink it from a Christmas mug.  I’m challenging all my blogging friends to shake up their lives a little and drink from a Christmas cup in the middle of August. It’s a very freeing experience! 

Exif JPEG~

7 thoughts on “CAN’T WAIT!

    1. Yes. And, of course, we have the joy of knowing that every day REALLY IS Christmas because Jesus Christ is with us continually, manifesting His saving and redeeming power in us and in our lives!!! Merry Christmas to you as well.

        1. I’m just now noticing that the “Follow” button on your site doesn’t indicate that I’m following you. But I know I have been. It seems WordPress has had some problems with this before. A few other blogs I follow have stopped showing up in my Reader, and I have to “Unfollow” and then “Follow” again. So I’m going to click on the “Follow” button on your site again and see what happens.

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