Happy Christmas; Merry New Year!

I enjoy wishing people  a “Merry Christmas.”  I love the term, and I certainly have NO intention of letting disgruntled anti-Christians coerce me into refraining from saying it. However, there’s another phrase that I enjoy as well. It’s a phrase that most of the citizens of Great Britain seem to use.

Over the years, I’ve read loads of English novels, and I now have such wonderful, wonderful English friends (thanks to blogging) and as a result of both those experiences, one thing I’ve noticed particularly is that the English generally wish people “Happy Christmas.”  I love that phrase — just as much as our Americanized version.

So today, in tribute to so many of the delightful English people I’ve met and come to love here at WordPress — people I would never part with now because my life would be so much poorer without them — I want to offer this holiday greeting to every one of my readers with all my heart!