Happy Christmas; Merry New Year!

I enjoy wishing people  a “Merry Christmas.”  I love the term, and I certainly have NO intention of letting disgruntled anti-Christians coerce me into refraining from saying it. However, there’s another phrase that I enjoy as well. It’s a phrase that most of the citizens of Great Britain seem to use.

Over the years, I’ve read loads of English novels, and I now have such wonderful, wonderful English friends (thanks to blogging) and as a result of both those experiences, one thing I’ve noticed particularly is that the English generally wish people “Happy Christmas.”  I love that phrase — just as much as our Americanized version.

So today, in tribute to so many of the delightful English people I’ve met and come to love here at WordPress — people I would never part with now because my life would be so much poorer without them — I want to offer this holiday greeting to every one of my readers with all my heart!






6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas; Merry New Year!

  1. I’d never thought of Happy Christmas as being especially English, but anyway dear Sandra I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year all the way from England!

    1. I may be wrong in assuming that phrase is primarily English. No one in the States ever says “Happy” with Christmas. They all say “Merry.” But I’ve noticed that every English novel I’ve ever read that included anything about Christmas, and occasional comments in other British media, all use the word “Happy.” So I sort of assumed it was basically English. Anyway, I like it, so now I’ve adopted it and use it about half time.
      Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas together and the best new year ever.

      1. One other thing I’ve noticed in English novels that is different from the U.S. is using the word “nappy” instead of “diaper.” I don’t know why, but that particular difference seemed to stick with me as well.

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