Revisiting my “Irreverent Valentine Sentiments”

` Now, I will admit that sometimes this thing we call romantic love can get downright sloppy — right? (Refer to picture above).  But let’s face it: This old world would be a sad, empty, dark place without it. So here’s to celebrating the “Love Holiday” once more. And in honor of that celebration, IContinue reading “Revisiting my “Irreverent Valentine Sentiments””

Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 2

“Baby, I ain’t askin’ much of you. Just a big-a, big-a hunk of love will do.”  Never sing these words aloud when standing out in the open. ~ Lyrics of “Big Hunk of Love” © Imagem U. S. LLC, A. Schroeder International LLC, Regent Music Corporation ~ 

Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 1

The month of love is almost upon us, and Valentine’s Day is rushing toward us at full speed. The store shelves are heavily laden with enormous boxes of fine chocolates and all manner of stuffed animals holding out decorated hearts. Florists are gearing up for orders of more roses than they get the whole restContinue reading “Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 1”