Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 7








3 thoughts on “Irreverent Valentine Sentiment # 7

  1. I can tell you are enjoying putting these Irreverent Valentine Sentiments up here. As are we enjoying a different take on Valentine’s Day. (That is Dan’s birthday. He is a “cupid”}

    1. How neat. Is he any good with a bow and arrow?

      And yes, I am enjoying these, but I think this may be my last one. My creative juices are running low on this particular subject now. But 7 is a good number, and I guess I should get serious about the day before Friday. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them too.

      1. Come to think of it, we did use to shoot the bow when we first got married. That must be why he enjoyed it and could hit the target better than me. 🙂
        I am glad his cupid aim included me. (50 yrs and counting)

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