The End of WWII — The World Could Breathe Again

We celebrate Veterans’ Day tomorrow.   Let us never forget.

The following video has no sound, but it is the only film of the official Japanese surrender in existence. Since my dad and so many of those we loved sacrificed more than we will ever understand in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, this moment in history means a very great deal to me.




The END of the War — August 14, 1945

Today is the anniversary of the Japanese surrender to the Allied Forces– August 14, 1945 — marking the actual, physical end of WWII. (The treaty was signed just 19 days later, on September 2).  For those who lived that never-to-be-forgotten moment of learning we had won the war,  and the world really did have a future — and for those who never had to experience it, but are truly thankful to those who made it possible — the video below is a “must see.”  By Richard Sullivan, this video shows his father’s real-life 16 mm film recording of several spontaneous V-J Day celebrations in Honolulu, Hawaii, minutes after the announcement that Japan had surrendered.  I suggest you watch it with a box of tissues.
(If, for some reason, you have trouble playing it from this blog page, click on the link connected to Richard’s name above and go directly to his site.)