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The End of WWII — The World Could Breathe Again

We celebrate Veterans’ Day tomorrow.   Let us never forget.

The following video has no sound, but it is the only film of the official Japanese surrender in existence. Since my dad and so many of those we loved sacrificed more than we will ever understand in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, this moment in history means a very great deal to me.





3 thoughts on “The End of WWII — The World Could Breathe Again”

    1. You will be missed, but I know sometimes there are just other things in life that have to take pre-eminence. I need to hop over and see if there’s anything new on your site that I’ve missed. Sometimes, even though I think I’m following a blog, I don’t get notification of posts. Hope you have a good break and return just bursting at the seams with a bunch of new poems.

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